Cardiologist enlightens attendees about heart disease
at Early Chamber luncheon


Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Sanjeev Ravipudi of the Brownwood Regional Medical Center enlightened those in attendance of cardiovascular disease and its many symptoms Friday at the Early Chamber of Commerce.As part of the Early Chamber's monthly Lunch and Learn program, Ravipudi spent close to an hour rendering details and answering questions on coronary artery disease, one of the most common forms of heart disease, explaining how a person can develop it and showing descriptive images of its functions via PowerPoint.

Ravipudi said, "hopefully in about six months," the medical center will purchase a catheterization lab (or cath lab), which is used to visualize the arteries of the heart and treat any stenosis.

"[It'll look] like any of your new or fancy labs that you see at the top medical centers in the United States," he said. "So people can come right here to little Brownwood and all the surrounding communities."

According to Ravipudi, the most common symptom of CAD is angina, which can include either chest pain or discomfort and numbness or pressure, among other symptoms.

CAD develops when the major blood vessels that supply your heart with blood, oxygen and nutrients become damaged or diseased, according to Also, because CAD often develops over decades, one might not notice a problem until you have a significant blockage or a heart attack. The site says maintain a healthy lifestyle and make a positive impact.

Though he acknowledged that types of cardiovascular disease, more so than any type of disease could be hereditary, thus not being able to control. He suggested the types of risk factors you could control — smoking, stress, your physical activity and obesity.